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Welcome to the website for the Joliet Region Model 'A' Restorer's Club (MARC).  MARC is a national organization devoted to the restoration and enjoyment of the Ford Model 'A'.  Ford Motor Company produced approximately 5 Million of these vehicles between 1928 and 1931.

Joliet Region MARC organizes many tours throughout the year (See our "Club Events" page above), which gives our members plenty of opportunities to enjoy motoring along in their historic vehicles (or sometimes in their modern cars).

Our members range from the expert capable of any level of mechanical repair or restoration to the weekend driver with little desire to get his or her hands dirty to the person who does not own a vehicle (yet) but has an interest in the Model A.

Our club is a great resource for vintage recreation, technical information, mechanical troubleshooting, and for buying/selling a vehicle.  If you have an interest in the Model 'A' hobby, please join us at one of our monthly meetings, which are held at 7pm in the Joliet Junior College auto shop on the first Wednesday of each month.

ALL ARE WELCOME!   For directions, click on the "Club Meetings" link above.

2015 MEMBERSHIP MEET IN JOLIET, IL (Click HERE for flyer):

The Joliet Region invites you to the “Crossroads of Mid-America” for the 2015 MARC Membership Meet. We have a full weekend planned for your pleasure. Come early and stay late. There is plenty to do and see in and around our great city. Self guided tours to the restored Union Station, Pilcher Park and Birdhaven Greenhouse, and the Joliet Historical Museum are on the list of things to see.

There were three different automobiles built in Joliet. There is a restored example of one of them, an Economy Motor Buggy built in 1907, on display at the Historical Museum. The building that housed the Economy Motor Buggy operation is located along the Lincoln Highway on Joliet’s east side. The headstone “Economy Motor Buggy Co.” is still readable, although over 100 years of weather have taken its toll on it. Inside the building, the massive pulleys and belt systems still hang. The elevator that took the chassis from first floor assembly room to the third floor body and upholstery shop is intact but unsafe for use. One private tour will be available for this.

We have also planned a back roads tour along the Illinois & Michigan Canal to Starved Rock State Park. The drive to the park in any vehicle is a pleasure. A narrative canal boat tour is available weather permitting. There will also be a list of sites to see along the Lincoln Highway and Route 66.

The festivities officially begin on Thursday evening with a dinner and tour of the magnificent Rialto Square Theatre. The evening will end with a “silent” Laural & Hardy film accompanied by the Barton Grand Pipe Organ. This is a must do event. Special parking for the Model A’s will be right on the street in front of the theater.

Friday morning, while the national committees are meeting, we will have a “hands on” brake adjusting seminar, and a “GAZ” (Russian Model “A”) and “AA” seminar. In the afternoon, Jordon Beller will open his museum to us to view cars, parts, literature, era speed equipment, and much more. Outside of the building, there is the largest collection of AA chassis on the planet. Back by popular demand for the ladies during the day is the “MARC Mini Mall”. We end the day with the welcome party which features an all you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad buffet. The entertainment at the end of the meal will “keep you guessing”.

Saturday morning begins with two JSC seminars. The General Membership Meeting is early in the afternoon. The evening banquet will be enjoyable with era music playing softly in the background.

The icing on the cake is the Sunday morning indoor swap meet.

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